Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and the Millennial Generation

Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and the Millennial Generation

Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and the Millennial Generation

By Noah Seeman, Vail Symposium Intern

Finn Kelly

With the 2008 financial crisis occurring during some of the formative years of their lives, millennials approach money and investing in very different ways from previous generations. This, coupled with student loans, has caused millennials to become wary of the stock market and credit cards while saving more than previous generations, according to a bankrate.com report. Further, millennials say that they invest less on account of having less money to invest. However, studies show that millennials donate more of their time, skills and money than previous generations.

Thus, understanding these key differences is essential for successful investment, financial and philanthropic practices of the future. A person uniquely qualified to speak on the shifting monetary narrative is Finn Kelly. The 33-year-old Australian is on the upper cusp of the millennial generation and has founded several companies on the premise of a purpose-driven, passion-led platform that is appealing to millennials and the young constituency which his companies have historically served.

Kelly has dedicated himself and his wealth—both in expressions of money and knowledge—to helping his clients and others. He recently spent time undercover helping the Roma community of Bulgaria as part of National Geographic’s “Undercover Angels” series. There, Kelly kept his wealthy status a secret by posing as an Australian school teacher while learning the problems the Roma community has faced, and also thinking of possible solutions. When he did reveal his true identity, he also unveiled plans to create a learning center that would tackle the near 80% illiteracy rate in the community. This type of philanthropy, while dramatized in a way, is typical of millennials in the sense that many become personally involved in projects they are passionate about.

Kelly will explore how millennials wary of traditional forms of business approach investing, entrepreneurship and philanthropy at a talk hosted by the Vail Symposium at the Grand View in Lionshead on December 29th. The program begins with a 30-minute reception at 5:30 pm and Kelly’s talk will begin at 6 pm.

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