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We are pleased to acknowledge the following donors for their support of the Vail Symposium for gifts received between May 1, 2018 and May 1, 2019. 

These acknowledgments are believed to be accurate at the time of posting. We apologize for any inaccuracies or omissions.

Less than 15% of our income comes from ticket sales; the rest comes from you. Your donation ensures that the Vail Symposium can thrive, grow and, ultimately, continue to bring amazing speakers to the Vail Valley.

*Denotes gift made wholly or partially in-kind.
** Longtime member of the Patrons Circle
*** The entire 2019 Season is graciously underwritten by Jeanne and Dale Mosier
**** The 2019 Summer Season is graciously underwritten by Cindy Engles and Leila and Walt Mischer

Arc Light Member
$10,000 and above

Antlers at Vail*
Colorado Mountain College*
Donovan Pavilion | The Grand View*
Cindy Engles****
The Frechette Family Foundation
The Four Seasons Resort Vail*

Hotel Talisa Vail*
Jeanne and Dale Mosier***
Town of Vail
Vail Daily*
Vail Resorts Epic Promise* 

Flood Light Member

Alpine Bank
Dierdra and Ronnie Baker
Dimond-Bross Charitable Fund

Holly and Buck Elliot
Epic Mountain Express*
Martha Head
Phil Hoversten*
Jay and Kirk Huffard
Neal and Kathy Kimmel
Dr. Robert and Janie Lipnick
Leila and Walt Mischer****
Amy and Jay Regan
Ski Butlers*
Brian Stockmar
Laura Tumperi

Spot Light Member

Anonymous x2
Pam and Richard Bard
Carole and Peter Feistmann

Doris Dewton and Richard Gretz **
Dr. Andrew and Lynn Kaufman
Gina and Jim Lorenzen
Mary Lamb Lucas
Rob LeVine
Gabrielle and Bill Mimeles
Pat Montgomery
Eric Noreen and Suzie Hill
Mary Pat and Keith Rapp
Jim and Bobbie Ruh
Tim and Lisa Swift

Vail Health
Vail Public Library
The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain *
Ken and Nina Wise
Ron Zastrow

Torch Underwriting Member

Mary Ellen Anderson
Patty and John Bailey
Michael and Marcy Balk
Amy and Steve Coyer
Leslie and Garrett Davies
Betsy and Jesse Fink
Susan and Harry Frampton
Phil and Beverly Freedman
Kitty George
Holly and Ben Gill
Verna and Tom Howard
Jodi and Artie Israel
Dr. Maurice and Jan John
Barbara Krichbaum and Kent Erickson
Priscilla O’Neil
Fred and Sandy Pack
Ann and Tom Radar
Art and Lindsay Reimers
Kathi Renman and Jim Picard
Wendy Rudolph and Gramme Bush
Sue and Mike Rushmore
Carel and Mark Slatkoff
Pat and Larry Stewart
Vail Daily
Gena Whitten and Robert Wilhelm

Torch Member

Lynn and Jerry Anderson
Shannon and Todger Anderson
Norma and Juan Carlos Aziz
Cathy and William Bethke
Jimmy and Marka Brenner
Sallie Smith and James Butterworth
Gary Cage
Susan Kaemmerlen and Paul Chapman
Dr. David Cohen
Andrea Eddy
Marla and Stewart Feldman

Grace and Stephen Gamble
Tom and Margie Gart
Jean Graham and Phil Smith
Jane and Ray Heller
Kent Hopkins
Reese and Alberta Johnson
Laurie and Terry Kleisinger

Michele and Buzz Larson
Susan and Steve Marton
Brenda and Joseph McHugh
Mountain Digital, Inc.*
Allison and Frank Navarro
George Nimmo
R.J. Croteau and Karen Nold
Sally and Dick Oloughlin
Candy and David Orlinsky
Nancy Linn and Douglas Patton
William Pierce
Diane Pitt and Mitch Karlin
Rhonda and Bradley Schiff
Ambassador Alvin and Susan Schonfeld
Elaine and Steve Schwartzreich
Beth and Rod Slifer
Slifer Smith and Frampton Foundation
Tim and Lisa Swift
US Bank
Bonnie Vogt
Donna Whittington and Charles Singer
Wyndham Resorts Vail


Sandy and Stephen Bell
Sunny and Phil Brodsky
Claggett/Rey Gallery
TJ Conners
Mary and David Davies
Fred Distelhorst

Cookie and Jim Flaum
Gary Gilman and Julie Stoxen
Peter MacDonald
Marshall Gordon
Han Kang
Elaine and Art Kelton
Rebecca and Chris Matlon
Marilyn and Kurt Metzl
Sheila Mossman
Melinda and Eric Phannenstiel
Anne Prinzhorn
Riverwalk Wine and Spirits*
Robyn Specthrie
Howard and Cathy Stone
Kaye Summers
Marjorie Vickers
Betsy and George Wiegers
Sharon and Bob Winders


Larry and Sandra Agneberg
Linda and George Brodin
Diane and Jeff Brundage
Stan and Mary Ellen Cope
Fred Distlehorst
Jim and Suzanne Donohue
Margie & Bob Dugan
Jack and Kathleen Eck
Doris Gobec
Michael Halpert
Barbara Hogoboom
Helena and Peter Leslie
Tania Landauer
Janet and John McDavid
Gloria McMahon
Alyn Park and Jay Wissot
Anthony Pisacano
Lorry Prentiss
Anne Roberts
Robert Rush
Karen and Dviad Shaw
Connie and Ken Scutari
Timothy Troutman
Margaret and Glen Wood
Emily Zeigler


In Honor of Kathy Kimmel
Anonymous (x3)
Paul Abbott

Marlin and Edward Barad
Roger and Margo Behler
Barbara Behrendt
Adriana Bombard
Rosann Coyner
Susan and Mark Dean
Abby Dixon
Carolyn and Robert Donovan
Pamela Doughty
Charles Dolan and Susan Mackin-Dolan
Jane Hall
Paul Hields
Pam and John Horan-Kates
Brenda and Alan Himelfarb
Chris and Dan Havekost
Judith and James Inglis
James Kleckner
Barbara and Edward Lukes
Lynn Marior
Marcia and Tom McCalden
Jeanne McQueeny
Haney Malek
Liz and Luc Meyer
Ruth Johnson
Ann and Collier Kirkham
Peggy Nichols
Michael Offutt
Judith Olson
Skip and Adelle Picking
Deborah and Richard Travers
Norm Vogel
Kay Wagner
Karin and Rand Waltzman
Robert Warner
Deborah Webster
Joan T. Whittenberg

Kelsey Wise
Spencer Wise