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Consciousness Double Header Talks Interdimensional Portals and Orbs

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From spirit portals to orbs of intense energy, the Vail Symposium explored theories and beliefs often eschewed in mainstream discourse during two evening programs on October 10 and 11, 2018 at Hotel Talisa.
Andrea Perron had the unique experience or misfortune, depending on your perspective, to be raised in a house commonly described as haunted, although Andrea describes it as a spirit portal. She described some of the pivotal events that transpired in the house and their lasting impact on her family.
Virginia Hummel’s extraordinary experiences commenced shortly after a personal tragedy in her life–the death of her son. Not long after his passing, Virginia was awakened by an intense sphere of energy in her bedroom late one night. Her orb journey had just begun.
Both speakers addressed intensely personal experiences and how they changed the trajectory of their lives. The lively audience Q&A that followed each discussion was a testament to the excitement and appreciation felt by those in attendance.

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