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Biggest crowd of winter season (so far) braves the elements for program on Iran

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Dr. Abbas Milani and moderator Greg Dobbs

The Vail Symposium promises to take audiences beyond the soundbites to really explore subjects in depth and on Monday, Jan. 13, we did just that.

The topic of Iran is charged due, in large part, to many Americans’ memories of the long hostage drama in 1979-81. Professor Abbas Milani was able to brilliantly distinguish between the regime and the people of Iran. Despite the regime’s bombast, one of the most powerful messages of the evening that Professor Milani shared was that the Iranian regime is currently facing the most serious threats to its survival since the revolution.

Iran’s economy is on the verge of collapse and they are the number one country in the world for brain drain. Ironically, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most secular society in the Middle East and its population is the most pro-western. And now their regional hegemonic ambitions are being strongly challenged.

Join us on March 12 for another in-depth geopolitical discussion when Russian expert Alina Polyakova addresses Russia, Ukraine and the United States. 

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