A discussion on CO Prop CC

A discussion on CO Prop CC

Reeves Brown of Building a Better Colorado squeezed a semester’s worth of information about Gallagher and Tabor into a brisk 25-minute, condensed version of how these laws came into being and how they impact state revenues and spending.

While Mill Levies brought some relief to school districts and municipalities, the drastic declines in state contributions to higher education and infrastructure have resulted in much higher college costs and deteriorating roads and bridges.

Scott Chase of Politicalworks, a Denver-based lobbying firm, made the case that Prop CC would allow the state to retain excess revenues to address those underfunded areas. His point was that with an average taxpayer refund of $37, an amount is so low as to be negligible to most people, that money could have real impact in underfunded areas of the state budget.

Luke Ragland of Ready Colorado was unconvinced. His primary reasons for opposing Prop CC stemmed from the measure’s lack of specificity, lack of a sunset clause and skepticism of its efficacy. Despite strongly held opposing views, the evening was characterized by civility and respect. 

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