Vail Symposium’s 50 for 50 Fund*
*For the future!

In honor and recognition of its 50th Anniversary, Vail Symposium has created the 50 for 50 Fund. As we venture forth, planning for the next 50 years of educational and thought-provoking programming for our community, this fund will provide opportunities to develop new program ideas as well as engage high-profile speakers to present to our community.

Goal: Raise $50,000 in donations to be matched for a total of $100,000 in the fund.

Funds will be placed in a restricted account to be used only for approved projects that will help elevate the brand and ensure the next 50 years of successful educational programming for our community.

Examples of how the funds might be used:

  • Super speaker fund:  Once or twice a year, the Vail Symposium could pursue a high profile (household-name speaker) that requires a substantial fee. This type of program would have a higher ticket fee and be held in a venue that can accommodate a larger audience with an assumption that the ticket income could cover most, or all, of the expenses related to the program.
  • Expanded Symposium: an all-day or multi-day event that explores an important topic in more depth with a panel of experts and breakout sessions.

The fund will provide a financial safety net that allows the Vail Symposium to explore new and exciting ideas and programs without placing the organization in financial jeopardy should a new program idea not meet expectations.

These new program ideas can and will create more awareness of the Vail Symposium, attracting a broader local and national audience and new opportunities for donor cultivation.

Donations for the 50 for 50 Fund can be made by clicking here or by emailing Kris Sabel at