Doris Dewton: Looking Back on 45 Years of the Vail Symposium

Doris Dewton: Looking Back on 45 Years of the Vail Symposium


DORIS DEWTON – Current Program Committee

I have been involved with the Vail Symposium since we moved here full-time in early 1994. I was invited to be a board member just when Ebby Pinson was trying to revitalize the Symposium after the Town of Vail stopped providing generous funding support.  Ever since that time, I was on the Board – but in more recent years I moved to the Advisory Council and then the Program Committee. It has been 22 years of continuous involvement.  I think the Vail Symposium adds a dimension to the life of the mind in the Valley that would otherwise be sorely lacking.

My favorite program was Ayaan Hirsi Ali talking to a sell-out crowd at the Vilar. She was amazing. My second favorite was the Kansas City Fed chief, Esther George, in her discussion with Richard Bard.

Future important topics would be anything significant going on in the world – political, cybersecurity, world-scale disasters such as famine, disease, water shortages, nuclear attacks….I think we’ll be talking about the very same issues in 2061 – but we may be meeting in a virtual, online environment, rather than in a room in Vail.


With climate change, there may not be many people in Vail for skiing. With lack of affordable housing, there may be no people here to support those of us who need help from others with maintaining ourselves and our properties.



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