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Select Video Recordings of Vail Symposium Programs

Recent Videos

Bitcoin and the Rise of Digital Currency with Bill Laggner, Zach Markiewicz and Richard Bard (1:41:28) ECOTV18

“What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength” with Scott Carney (1:14:43) ECOTV18

Forecast for the Future: Using Demographic Data to Plan for Eagle County with Elizabeth Garner (1:29:43) ECOTV18  (click here for presentation)

Integrative Approaches to Patient Care with Dr. Donese Worden (1:17:16) Joe Kania

Connecting the Dots: Economic Impacts of a New Administration with Scott Anderson (1:20:05) ECOTV18

Panel on Climate Change with Kevin Trenberth, Peter Ogden, Kim Langmaid (1:44:01) ECOTV18

Finn Kelly on tying professional development with personal growth (1:17:24) ECOTV18

Colin O’Brady on breaking the Explorers Grand Slam world record (1:12:28) ECOTV18

Dr. Keith Rapp on a multidisciplinary approach to dementia (1:26:41) ECOTV18

Top 5 Video Recommendations 

Out and About with Sir Ken Robinson (1:31) TV8

Sanho Tree on Marijuana and the War on Drugs (18:30) C-SPAN

– Learning to Fly: Lessons from the Air with Steph Davis (58:52) ECOTV18

– Heather Hanson’s Live Art Demonstration (3:36) Heather Hanson

Can China Avoid Economic Crisis with Jamie Metzl (1:15:01) ECO TV18

Other Vail Symposium Videos

Genetically Modified Food Debate with Jeffrey Smith and Gregory Stock (1:58:23) C-SPAN

The Great Divide Debate (1:38:37) ECOTV18

The State of Eagle County’s Economy (1:34:23) ECOTV18

Road Biking with Paralympians (4:10) Vail Daily On The Hill

Inside the Iran Nuclear Deal with Michael Singh (1:32:01) ECOTV18

Biking in the Backcountry with Jessica Martin (1:01:28) ECOTV18

2011 Panel on Marijuana Legalization (1:42:53) C-SPAN