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Weeks Like These

The Symposium just finished with a week of meetings. Meeting with our Board of Directors, meeting with our Program Committee. Phone meetings with future speakers, catching up with former speakers. Meetings with donors. Meeting with audience members who wanted to share what they liked and did not like at the Vail Symposium, and what they…

10 Years from Today – Well-Wishing All Graduates

Leading up to graduation, the Vail Daily has profiled various seniors. In the office, we don’t know many of the seniors, other than our stellar Winter 2014 Intern Ethan Cotton, of course. Yet, we still shuffle through the paper and find ourselves stopping on the senior section, and one question in particular. The Daily asks,…

When the Askers Give

In non-profits, we “ask” for a lot. We even have mailings and positions dedicated to asking. Luckily, our organization is able to serve the community through the generosity of the community itself. When we ask, the community often delivers. For that, we are so thankful. Every once in a while the Symposium staff gets asked…

Top 10 Moments from Winter 2014

The Winter 2014 season has wrapped up.  The mountains are closed and the Vail Valley waits for the walls of snow that remain to melt, the grass to green, the trees to leaf, the rivers to swell and, of course, the Vail Symposium Summer 2014 programs! But before we announce our summer schedule, we thought…