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Donate Today!

Did you know? Ticket sales from the Vail Symposium programs you love only help cover direct event costs, like venue fees, A/V set-up charges and refreshment expenses. In fact, less than 10% of our income comes from ticket sales. We rely on donations from people like you to ensure the Vail Symposium can operate, be sustainable and, ultimately, continue to bring amazing speakers to your Vail Valley community.

A donation of any amount is enough to make a difference in your community through the Vail Symposium. Please don’t wait. We need your support today!

Click the button below to make an online donation through or mail checks, made payable to Vail Symposium, to: P.O. Box 3038, Vail, CO 81658.

Donor Levels & Benefits

Friend {$1-$49}

Your gift of $35 enables 3 local students to attend a Vail Symposium program.

  • E-newsletter
  • Complimentary mailing of bi-annual program booklet
  • Advance notification & registration for events
  • Recognition in bi-annual program booklet
  • Recognition on website
  • Vail Symposium stickers


Spark {$50-$249}

Your gift of $50 sponsors local transport for 1 Vail Symposium speaker.

Your gift of $100 sponsors 1 Vail Symposium speaker in local schools.

  • Friend benefits plus:
  • 2 general program tickets*


Candle {$250-$499}

Your gift of $250 provides audio visual equipment for 1 Vail Symposium program.

  • Spark benefits plus:
  • 2 (4 total) general program tickets*
  • An “I Gave to the Vail Symposium” pen


Lantern {$500-$999}

Your gift of $500 underwrites airfare for 1 Vail Symposium speaker.

  • Candle benefits plus:
  • 4 (8 total) general program tickets*
  • Recognition in an end-of-year donor thank you ad
  • An invitation for 2 to our annual donor appreciation event


Member {$1,000-$2,499}

Your gift of $1,000 underwrites the honorarium for a celebrity speaker.

  • Lantern benefits plus:
  • 2 passes to every program for one year*
  • Special program notifications, alerts and reminders
  • Discounts and special offers from local restaurants, businesses and organizations


Patron Membership {$2,500-$4,999}

Your gift of $2,500 underwrites 1 entire Vail Symposium program.

  • Member benefits plus:
  • 2 passes to 1 speaker dinner per year
  • Recognition as sponsor of one program per year
  • A hard-cover copy of “The Inventors of Vail” by Dick Hauserman


Luminary Membership {$5,000+}

Your gift of $5,000 underwrites 1 entire 3-part Vail Symposium series.

  • Patron benefits plus:
  • 2 passes (4 total) to every program for one year*
  • 2 passes to all fundraisers, workshops and special events for one year
  • Recognition as sponsor of one 3-part program series per year

About Recurring Donations

WHY: Recurring donations ensure that we always have the resources to present the educational programs you and your community love and rely on. Recurring donations provide consistent and reliable support that we can depend on all year long.

HOW: Interested in making a monthly, quarterly or yearly recurring donation? makes it easy! Click here to download a how-to sheet, which explains, step-by-step, how to schedule your recurring donation through


*General program tickets and member passes are transferable. Tickets and passes are not valid for fundraisers, workshops or other events deemed “special” unless otherwise noted. Member passes are valid for one year from donation date.

Please contact Kris Sabel at (970)476-0954 or at with any questions about making a donation, donor levels & benefits, or for information regarding corporate sponsor giving levels and benefits.